Episode 013 – Game Arts

After a month of catastrophic hardware failures and dealing with the headaches of organizing a tri-coastal recording session, we once again bring in Susan Richardson to join in on a discussion of the games of Game Arts.

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In a world where everyone else is sending mopey teens from destroyed villages out to save the world, it’s nice having a company to send pre-teens out to explore the world just for its own sake in Lunar and Grandia.

– Jake

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  1. Thanks for reporting on my requests! I’m glad to hear you all like Lunar, though I don’t think the voice acting is all that bad, especially for a Playstation niche title. Also, the Sega CD version of Lunar: The Silver Star wasn’t all that obscure. It was the best selling game on that system. Though I suppose being the best selling game on Sega CD is a bit like being the least-dead corpse in a graveyard. =D

    I also can forgive you for ripping Xenogears apart. You know, I think this is the first time I’ve ever heard a negative opinion on the game. I once met a guy who claimed to consider it one of the finest literary works of all time (Let me make it absolutely clear! I love Xenogears, but that guy was nuts!). However, I’d love to hear you guys take on that awful abomination known as Xenosaga and skewer it like a pig on a spit. “SHION! MY SENSORS APPEAR TO BE MALFUNCTIONING! SHION! SHION! SHION!” AAARRGGGHHHH

    Anyway, since you said you don’t really have a plan for next week, I though I’d suggest you discuss RPGs in media outside of video games and tabletops. I mean as far as TV and movie adaptations. In the US, you have things like the DnD, Battletech, and Heavy Gear cartoons. Heck, there was also a Vampire: The Masquerade live action series. And who can forget possibly the finest film ever crafted by mankind: the Dungeons and Dragons movie!? You could also discuss the Japanese side of things. You’ve mentioned Record of Lodoss War in the past (which I’m sure you’re aware was based on the creators’ DnD campaign) and I’d love to hear you discuss it in depth as it is a great show that wears its RPG origins on its sleeves. There’s also Slayers, which began as a series of DnD parody novellas, and the various horrific Final Fantasy animations.

    I also think you could do a show on some of the worst RPGs you’ve ever played. On that note I have a story to share. A few years ago, I purchased Quest 64. In Quest 64, you move an ugly polygon that looks like a demented quail through ugly polygonal environments with some of the most painful camera angles ever devised. Plus the battle system is nonsensical and boring. I bought this game for two dollars at a flea market. It came in the original packaging with the original manual. All of this, I say again, for two American dollars….

    ….I want my money back.

    Anyway, thanks again for reading my request on the show!

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