Episode 012 – Authoring RPGs

Guest host Jonathan Drain returns in part two of the podcast to discuss authorship in roleplaying games.

Direct MP3 Download (right-click link and save).

Topics include Chekhov’s gun, how (and whether) a writer should Hide The Gun, and how both concepts affect RPG storylines. We also discuss puzzle design: which should come first, the Key or the Door? In other words, should the player be allowed to find the solution before they find the problem? It’s no surprise that our conclusion draws from famous fantasy tropes. Finally there’s exposition in sci-fi and fantasy worlds, or how to introduce gamers to a unique world without having characters robotically spout common knowledge for the player’s benefit.

All these questions answered — or not — and much, much more!

Thanks again to JD, the man who put the “D” in d20source.com. Jake will return next week, along with Susan, when we feature Game Arts, the Grandia and Lunar series.

– Zeus

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  1. Hey, just wanted to let you know I’ve been continuing to enjoy the podcast. Jonathan was also cool as a guest host, although his audio quality was hard to listen to.

    I’m looking forward to next weeks episode. I’d like to hear more episodes where you go really in-depth into one or two specific games that are worthy of attention, or perhaps even do a review of a newly-released game.

  2. I really like the direction your show’s heading, but the other day I came up with a suggestion. You guys should report RPG news. I don’t mean every single little report of what new game’s coming out, but rather report and discuss the news that you two personally find interesting and important. I’d personally love to hear your opinions on recent developments in the industry and genre, plus it would be a great way to bulk your running time (Not that your podcast’s short by any means, it’s just that I’m a fan of podcasts like Anime World Order that run roughly 2 hours an episode… Not that you should necessarily try to go THAT long =D).

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