Episode 010 – Zero Player Games

This week we look at the surprising number of RPGs which will play themselves, while you half-pay attention and potentially do some multi-tasking.

Direct MP3 Download (right-click link and save).

Highlights of course include the ever-popular Progress Quest, but we also dedicate a large portion of the show to how the creators of Legends of Zork need to burn in the fires of the abyss. Plus the surprising fact that a fair number of games which play themselves somehow manage to be intimidatingly difficult.

As always, feel free to send mail to leveluppodcast@live.com and share with us the secrets of the universe. Or whatever else is on your mind.

– Jake

Published in: on July 24, 2009 at 9:30 am  Comments (2)  

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  1. Whoa, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as King sounds really interesting. Actually, Final Fantasy 4 the After Years does too. I should check those out.

  2. Hey guys, I recently found this podcast, and it sounds intriguing so far. I have to thank you guys for pointing out some games I haven’t heard of like Save Scummer. By the way, I’m a longtime Kingdom of Loathing player, and I’d love to hear more in depth discussion of that.

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