Episode 004 – MMORPGs Part 2

Continuing our discussion of MMORPGs, this week we try to accentuate the positive, exchanging amusing MMO anecdotes, and offering suggestions both for players looking for games to try, and for MMO developers wanting to make it big. There’s also a bit of a sidetrack about a licensed game which really needs to spring into existence one of these days. Any big budget studios want to humor me on this one?

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We also answer our first piece of listener mail. Keep sending those in to leveluppodcast@live.com

– Jake

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  1. Personally I’d recommend Kingdom of Loathing as a decent starting point. I think it’s pretty easy to get into and pretty amusing writing generally.

  2. I honestly love KoL to death. I don’t particularly consider it massively multiplayer though. If you don’t count the new basement dungeons (which I still need to have a look at myself, my guild kinda died like 2 years ago), the only interaction with other players is trading things in the mall, and if you’re actually playing softcore, asking friends for buff spells now and then.

    That said though? More people really do need to play it. Excellent excellent game.

  3. You’re right, it doesn’t really have a lot of online content really.

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