Episode 001 – What is an RPG?

In the premiere episode of Level Up, Jake and Zeus discuss the essential elements of video roleplaying games. If stats and experience systems are a must, then is Zelda less — or more — of an RPG than Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas? And what about Diablo — the heck’s with that?

Listen to the podcast, and find out!

Direct MP3 Download (right-click link and save).

Please bare in mind that while this wasn’t the most disastrous maiden voyage in history, we had our share of problems. There’s a faint echo at the beginning, and later on we were cursed with one thousand years of lag. So if one of us cuts off the other, it was only by accident.

The podcast has been patched together like a golem scarecrow; it will serve us well, for now, but not without a hint of resentment in its black button eyes. Next week we’re going to try a new technique. The quality should increase by tenfold, or however many times you can fold a ten.

Until next time,

– Zeus

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  1. I liked it. Keep it up!

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